If I had only $25 to spend to make a design impact in a room, what would I buy?

It’s an interesting question that a client recently asked and here are a few of my choices:

Paint! (1 gallon at $24.99)

An accent wall, a door, trim, windows are all completely changed by a gallon of paint in a gorgeous color. I painted the interior windows of one house a subtle green and viola’, it felt like France!

Curly willow (Three bunches @ $7.99)

Several bunches of curly willow tucked into a vase, deep pot or umbrella stand can add texture to a room that needs a bit of interest. The curves and abstract form move the eye.; curly willow also looks amazing spray-painted—I love white or orange or turquoise!

Cool candle ($9.99 to $25.00)

In autumn, I would buy a bark candle, in spring, a huge fat pillar in a color that pops.  For summer, a pillar candle with texture of linen would be my choice. And scents for each season make candles even more of a bargain for design impact.  We must remember that design incorporates sight, touch and smell!

An orchid  ($19.99)

They can last for weeks and have exquisite form in the stems, leaves and blossoms. They work in every décor if the container is right.

A bowl of lemons or pomegranates  ($8-$25)

Lemons can last 2-3 weeks in a bowl on your coffee or side table, giving off a fresh citrus aroma.  When the lemons are ready to toss, cut them and squeeze the lemon juice to also freshen your kitchen sink.

Pomegranates have a shorter lifespan, but are exquisite in a bowl for the holidays. The red color and the organic form are lovely; try tucking some evergreen or rosemary into the bowl with the fruit.

A palm tree  ($19.99)

Palm fronds move with the slightest breeze and can add an airy feel to a space.

Palms are also hard to kill quickly☺

Yay for design that is budget minded!