I just returned to Virginia from the NYC area where I spent a week with my dearest daughter in law Laura and her new baby…and her precious preschooler, 2 cats and her husband (our son). They live in a typical NYC area apartment that is smaller than they would like and we had some discussions about babies and design while I was there.

Babies require a certain amount of stuff and it all takes up space. What to do in this situation? Our New Yorkers rent a storage unit, have all the beds on risers to maximize storage space underneath, and evaluate every purchase/addition carefully to see if it is deemed absolutely necessary. But still there is a huge amount of stuff to have when one has a newborn.

Right now the master bedroom is packed tightly with a cradle, bassinet, change table, swing and all the regular items a bedroom needs, such as dressers for Mom and Dad and a king sized bed!
But in all the struggles to save space for living, my daughter in law is as calm as can be. She says it won’t be very long that all this equipment is needed, that it is a temporary condition to have baby implements everywhere.

And I love her for it! There are folks out there who fret over their homes being “taken over” by their little ones, people who don’t want anyone to walk into the door to see evidence of tiny offspring. They constantly pick up, put away, place into closets and expend much effort and time in clearing the “baby evidence.”

But not Laura. She is intent on holding, loving and enjoying that newest child and on making sure her preschooler is feeling loved, as well. She does not sweat that it is crowded and she readily acknowledges that this time will be oh, so short. There is time later for her living room to look like a magazine cover and for her bedroom to be a spa haven. Time is dear and she has chosen so very wisely…I am always learning things from my kiddos and their loves. Design can wait a bit, but babies cannot…bravo, Laura!