• Sit on it, lie down on it, hang your feet over the arms. This means NOT to buy it online unless you have been in person to that very model number you see at a super price in an online store. There are great buys out there that you can see in person!
  • Buy Made in the USA. Several manufacturers have set out to match the price point of import sofas and they are my recommended way to go. Durability and flammability standards are primo in USA made couches.
  • Choose stain resistance: Crypton, Revolution, Sunbrella, WearProof (and others) are fabrics that inherently resist stains and spills. Even a glass of juice or coffee will bead up and show liquid repellency.  One US company, (Rowe), highlights these fabrics in their “Kid-Proof” collection. I had a client with an off white Crypton upholstered sofa spill a glass of Merlot and she was able to blot it off the fabric completely successfully!
  • Choose durability: Fabrics are rated with a “Double rub count”. The higher the rub count, the more durable the fabric. If you are purchasing for residential use, start at 20,000 double rubs or greater. For an office, hospitality or commercial setting, the rub count should be greater than 100,000. (Wyzenbeek or Martindale tests)
  • For longevity, stay neutral! Add interest and give trends “a nod” with pillows and throws, but purchase a solid, neutral sofa. If a large impact of bright color is needed in your space, consider finding it in an armchair, not the sofa.

The biggest investment in your living room is that couch and you want it to stand the test of time!