John and I are presently in the south of France in Provence and are seriously loving it. We’ve rented an apartment in Aix-en Provence and we are “temporary locals”, as Rick Steves likes to say. We have hit the market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and have cooked every other night in our chef’s kitchen…we can see why the French are known to be experts at living well. They are all about the food! The wine is inexpensive, the veggies are fresh and the meats from “la boucherie” are of the highest quality. Gotta love France.



The intensity of the colors in Provence led many landscape painters to live and paint here—Paul Cezanne is the favorite son of Aix. When you compare his one HUNDRED paintings of the mountain a few kilometers from his home, Montagne Sainte-Victoire, the intense colors and the amazing light just astound. There are dozens of shades of purples, oranges and greens…the depth of the colors is truly unique. No wonder Van Gogh also loved this area. He painted dozens of scenes in and around Arles, a smaller city in Provence. If these artist “greats” found the area so appealing, no wonder we also are smitten with Provence!



Fields of lavender, Marseille Soap, crusty warm baguette, the aqua blue Mediterranean Sea, diamond shaped Calissons candies, olives and creamy brie are all my impressions of this beautiful place. Two weeks is not long enough—am already planning my next trip. Can’t wait to fill a container of French antiques in L’Isle–Sur Sorgue and bring it back to Charlottesville!