The rage is greige!! Why in the world is that? Greige, that “non hue” between grey and beige is actually quite a lovely backdrop for other pops of color. Greige unifies a home , quiets a space and allows for splashes of color to carry each room’s personality. Greige is the newer version of the warm khaki neutral of ten years ago, but more fresh, clear and light reflective.

So, which paint color is the perfect shade of greige?

BM Rodeo and BM Seattle Mist are my top picks and they live on the same paint card. I recently did a small hotel project in Charlottesville and sampled no less than 13 different greys/tans to find a shade that looked amazing in our spaces. I had sample cans mixed of the colors and painted each color on the non-glossy side of full sized white poster board. The paint store sold small disposable rollers and I used one for each color, since I did not want brush strokes to influence the way I saw the paint. I left one corner of the poster board unpainted so I could write the paint # with a sharpie. I found that it was more helpful to write on the front rather on the back of the poster board.

After the painted poster board samples dried, I hung them with painter’s tape and compared them. I could move each sample around the room—hung by the window, or in the darkest corner, for example. As I eliminated contenders, I tossed them in a stack in the floor. Soon there emerged two favorites. We all loved each space that was painted Rodeo or Seattle Mist and one of the first hotel guests raved about the color in the dining room and wanted to know if the paint color would be shared. “Yes”, was the answer, and the guest was delighted to know the dining room color was available at the local paint store.

She said she was headed home to paint her living room that perfect shade of Greige. Confirmation that though it was a process, we had come up with something really lovely for the walls in our hotel!