“Robi, our house is starting to look like Cracker Barrel!!” was my husband’s comment that made me realize that my collecting and dumpster diving was making our living space look cluttered. Wow, did that grab my attention! I love a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel, but I do NOT want our living space to look like one.

Sometimes an edit is the way to a fresh start and even though it involves work, the results are worth the effort.

Begin by emptying the entire room of accessories and place them in open boxes or plastic crates so you can see them. If the walls are still “screaming” at you after the accessories are out of the space, take down all the wall art, as well.

Remove the smaller pieces of furniture, leaving large sofas and wall units in place. After the room is cleared except for the largest furniture, stand back and take a hard look at your furniture placement. Take some pictures to help you see your space from different angles.

Move the furniture to different positions, say on the diagonal or at right angles to the original placement. When the largest pieces are right, the foundation for your space is functional and pleasing to the eye.

Add chairs and occasional tables back into the mix one by one, and take a close look after each addition. Stop adding before the room looks full. Function is the most important thing.

As you then add accessories back into the space, take into consideration that tabletops free of “stuff” are quite useful when someone wants to put down a mug of coffee in the living room…and add thoughtfully. Grouping accessories by type or color helps with cohesion, and also make sure there is adequate light by chairs and sofas for reading.

The resulting rearrangement and reassessment will lend a freshness to your now calm, functional, lovely space…quite unlike the busyness of one that looks like a restaurant chock full of collections and groupings of snowshoes, cheese graters and old portraits! I really do love their corn muffins, but not their sense of style 🙂